Academic Freedom – Nov. 01, 2016

How does academic freedom differ from freedom of expression?


  1. Democracy is the political system best suited to promoting the well-being of all.
  2. Effective democracy depends upon citizens who seek the truth and share it with their fellow citizens.
  3. Democratic societies should cultivate a truth-seeking mindset in its citizens.
  4. Universities perform a very important role in cultivating truth-seeking.
  5. Protection of academic freedom for its professors is a crucial element of enabling a university to perform its role in cultivating truth-seeking.
  6. False flag operations deliberately direct the minds of citizens away from the truth.
  7. 9/11 might have been a false flag operation which worked against the well-being of all in several ways, which include the following:
    1. It murdered about 3000 American citizens
    2. It played a part in the political justification of wars in the Middle East leading to the death of many hundreds of thousands, and suffering for millions
    3. It undermined democracy in America
  8. Universities have a special responsibility to study the possibility that 9/11 was a false flag operation.
  9. In suspending professor Anthony Hall without pay it has severely undermined its responsibility to cultivate truth-seeking, and thus to support a democratic society.

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